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Argentina Bank Codes

This article is designed to provide you with clear information on Argentina's bank code.
When sending payment using Jeeves Pay, you will need these codes to initiate the transaction smoothly.


Banco Itau 259
Banco Julio 305
Banco Macro 285
Banco Mariva 254
Banco Mas Ventas 341
Banco Meridian 281
Banco Municipal de Rosario 065
Banco Patagonia Sudameris 034
Banco Piano 301
Banco Provincia de Tierra Del Fuego 268
Banco Provincia Del Neuquen 097
Banco Santander 072
Banco Roela 247
Banco Saenz 277
Banco Supervielle S.A. 027
Bank Of America, National Associa 262
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Argentina 015
BBVA 017
Bnp Paribas 266
HSBC Bank Argentina 150
J P Morgan Chase Bank Sucursal Buenos Aires 165
Nuevo Banco de Entre Rios 386
Nuevo Banco de La Rioja 309
Nuevo Banco de Santa Fe 330
Nuevo Banco Del Chaco 311
Nuevo Banco Industrial de Azul 322
RCI Banque Argentina 339
Wilobank S.A. 384
Banco Bica S.A. 426
Banco Coinag S.A. 431
Banco Sucredito Regional S.A.U. 435
Bank of Chine Limited Sucursal Buenos Aires 515
Brubank S.A.U. 143
Banco de Comercio S.A. 432
Banco Dino S.A. 448

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